What is Mobile Cube Service® ? 

In need of storage? We'll bring it to you !

Mobile Cube® gives you a unique, innovative and comfortable solution of storage. You can store your belongings in complete serenity at home or in our storage facilities for an undetermined amount of time everywhere in France. 

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The Mobile Cube® 


A Wooden storage Unit that we call "Mobile Cube®"  100% Build in France.

The classic  Mobile Cube® has a square surface of  4m2 for a total capacityBox de stockage of  8m3.

The whole range of Mobile Cube® can be rent whitout any limited duration.

Each and every Mobile cube® are made of treated wood from sustainable forest management.

As to bring them to you, we conceived them for a maximum of mobility.Livraison box de stockage



Mobile cube® range dimensions 

Dimensions box de stockageThe interior of a classic Mobile Cube® :  Width 1,50m (4,92 ft) x Height 2,15m (2,15 ft) x Depth 2,32m (7,61 ft). A volume about 8 m3 (282,5 cu ft).

The door access of the  Mobile Cube® is about 1m10 large (3,6 ft).

The charging capacity : 1 ton to 1,2 ton maximum.

The height and the depth of our Mobile Cube® are the standard ones of an accomodation.

So whatever fits inside your place fits in our Mobile Cube®

The dimensions are the one from the iconic wooden storage unit that exists since a hundred years ! They were conceived so they could fit any type of furnitures from an accomodation (bed, frame, couch, wardrobe...).


Our Mobile Cube® also possess : 

  • 3 temper proofed & lockable lock latchs devices to ensure protection.

  • 2 aeration grid for the air flow to insure a perfect conservation of your belongings.  

  • Cargo tie down loops so you can attach your furnitures with webbings.

  • A full watertight cover protection that resists any climatic agressions (UV, rain, snow, freeze...)

The whole conception with wood offers a natural air circulation added to a configured aeration flow excludes the risk of moisture on your belongings even the fragile ones.

Sécurité box de stockage

Mobile Cube® International 

Requested on several occasions, our concept is about to developp in Europe and internationally


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For business inquieries, reach out for us  at reseau.dev@mobilecube.fr 

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